About WLRC

History and Evolution

The Water and Land Resource Centre (WLRC) is an autonomous Resource Centre dedicated to generating and sharing scientific knowledge to inform policy and practice in land and water resources management in Ethiopia. The WLRC was reorganized in 2011 from the previous Soil Conservation Research Project (SCRP), which was initiated in 1981 by Centre for Development (CDE), the University of Bern, Switzerland, in collaboration with the then Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) of Ethiopia. Thus, WLRC has close to 40 years of experience researching and disseminating evidence on water and land resources. Later, in 2016, WLRC was affiliated to Addis Ababa University (AAU), Ethiopia with autonomous status. Prior to the Centre’s affiliation to AAU, the University of Bern and Addis Ababa University signed, in 2014, Memoranda of Understanding for co-management of the Centre.

Vision, Mission and Values

Vision:WLRC aspires to be the national and regional (the broader HOA) knowledge-for-development hub on sustainable water and land resources management by 2025.

Missions:The missions of WLRC are to:

  • generate and develop up-to-date scientific knowledge on water and land resources and thereby contribute to the attainment of sustainable and integrated natural resource management and sustainable development;
  • develop innovative approaches for sustainably managing rural and urban landscapes; and
  • create innovative and interactive knowledge management system for informed policy, strategy and development actions on SLM.

Motto:Sustainable water and land resource management for sustainable development and poverty reduction.

Values: WLRC adheres to the values of inter-disciplinarity, scientific rigor, partnership, inclusivity, environmental sustainability/ecosystem health, and sensitivity and respect to culture. Its guiding principles include integrated management of land and water resources, sustainable utilisation of resources, open access and proactive knowledge generation, sharing and management.

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